Hi, Im Tyla and I’m autistic.

But if you’re on this site chances are you already knew that. I’m not sure what you want to know but here’s some info about me and this blog.

I write, vlog and host a podcast called Make it Make Sense. Oh and you can also find me on instagram where I document my attempt of navigating adulthood sharing autism life hacks along the way.

Each week I send out my an email that contains an idea or thought I’ve had about neurodiversity or adulting and links to the best of all the content I’ve published that week.

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This website is a dumping ground for my thoughts. My blog posts are on whatever tickles my pickle when when it comes to personal development and with a few discussions on how we can apply the findings of autism research to everyday life sprinkled in. That being said, the majority of posts are centered around me making sense of world and how to navigate adulthood as an autistic person.

I want to help autistic young adults feel less alone. Reality is there are millions of us out there, if we come together to share our life hacks, tips and advice then we can save each other from unnecessary burnouts.

If I’m honest I’m not really a writer. I love creating vlogs on youtube, informational posts on instagram and diving into the mind of my guests on my podcast. Season 1 of the podcast is a collection of interviews with a wide variety of autistic people including youtuber Yo Samdy Sam, tiktoker Paige Layle and autism researcher Rachel Mosley who discusses the links between autism and self harm.

When I started creating content there wasn’t much by autistic adults for autistic adults and there still isn’t. The podcast is platform for our voices, vlogging is the best way I’ve found to document my experiences and on instagram I’m able to save you a lot of time and provide my cheat codes for autistic adulthood.

You can also find me on Twitter, if you want to email me then send it to hello@autistictyla.com

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